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Gabion Boxes

Gabion is a rectangular wire mesh box comprised of three one half turns (commonly called double twisted) to form hexagonal shaped mesh openings of Zinc galvanized and PVC coated steel wire. These mesh openings are then interconnected with adjacent wires to form hexagonal meshes. Selvedge / Edge wire which is a thicker and heavier wire is used to reinforce the edges and transverse diaphragm. It gives greater rigidity and shape to the gabion/mattresses/netting.

These Gabion boxes are filled with natural stones at the project site to form flexible, permeable, monolithic structures such as Retaining walls, sea walls, channel lining, revetments, and wires for erosion control projects.

The diaphragm assure minimum stone migration within the basket, thus gives strength to the container to retain its original shape and does not unravel or unzip in adverse conditions. Woven units can also be easily amended on site and shaped to suit project requirements.

The wire used to manufacture the Double twisted Hexagonal wire mesh is soft annealed, low carbon content mild steel wire provided with heavy coating galvanizes as per EN 10244/ASTM A 641 to prevent corrosion. In case of use in aggressive environments, it is further extruded with 0.5mm thick PVC Coating. The PVC coating is UV stabilized as per ASTM A 975.

Quality Assurance & Testing Facility:

GTI ensures 100% quality assured products by means of a well laid out Quality Assurance Plan complying with ISO 9001:2000 norms and meeting the quality standards as per international norms such as ASTM and EN. To ensure the quality, regular in house tests are conducted on the raw materials such as wire as finished products. GTI is well equipped with the necessary test equipments to carry out the tests. To ensure the quality of G.I Wire (Raw Material) we use our self manufactured GI Wire in our sister unit at Nepal (PWP) where we have full control over the quality of our raw materials and intermediate products as well as all the processes.

Mesh Size available:
  • 100mm × 120mm
  • 80mm × 100mm
  • 60mm × 80mm
  • 50mm × 70mm
Advantages of gabion boxes


  • Retaining Walls:
  • Energy Dissipaters:
  • River Bank Protection Walls and Revetments:
  • Flexible Aprons:
  • Dikes and Groins:
  • Weirs:
  • Soil Conservation:
  • Navigation Channels and Ship Docking Areas:
  • Protection of Scour around Bridge Piers and Structure:
Gabions specifications:

Gabion Boxes are steel wire cages designed to contain stones available at the site to abate destructive forces of erosion. As per ASTM 975-97 Double - twisted wire mesh, is a nonraveling mesh made by twisting continuous pairs of wires through three one-half turns (commonly called double twisted) to form hexagonal - shaped openings which are then interconnected to adjacent wires to form hexagonal openings.

Available mesh sizes:

GI & PVC Coated Hexagonal Mesh for Gabion boxes, mattresses and rock fall protection.


The tight helical winding of two wires around each other measured as each revolution of the two wires over 180 ; the wire rotate only in one direction; the minimum number of twist is three.

Gabion Mattresses

Gabion mattress is a double twisted wire mesh container uniformly partitioned into internal cells relatively small height in relation to other dimensions, having smaller mesh openings than the mesh used for gabions. Gabion Mattresses are used for river bank and scour protection, channel linings for erosion control, and embankment stability when the retaining properties of box gabions are not required.

The filtering capability of the rock fill allows the soil, water, air and plant life to interact naturally. The characteristics of Gabion mattress permit the construction of shoreline protection, groins, spillways, etc for effective under water performance.

Gabion Mattresses offer long term erosion protection, providing a shear resistance which is twice that of rip-rap for the same sized stone. A polymer coated and galvanized woven Gabion Mattress is strongly recommended in aggressive environments. Pre-filled Gabion mattresses are of great utility for installation under water. The base section is divided into one meter wide compartments with the help of diaphragms which restrict the movement of stone and thus strengthen the structure.

  • 50mm × 70mm
  • 60mm × 80mm
  • 80mm × 100mm
  • 100mm × 120mm
Rock Fall Netting

GTI Rock fall Steel Wire Netting are factory manufactured rolls made up of mechanically double twisted hexagonal wire mesh using Heavily Galvanized steel wire. Mechanically woven double twisted meshes are non raveling and the edges of the mesh are reinforced with a thicker wire called the selvedge/edge wire. These nets are used to prevent small size boulders or rocks from falling in rail or road ways, thus minimizing loss of property or life. In case of applications in marine or highly corrosive environment, an additional protection is provided by extruding 0.5mm thick PVC coating over the heavily galvanized wire. The main advantages over other types of mesh are the features of flexibility, non-raveling design, superior corrosion resistance and unique mechanical characteris

Rock fall protection can be dealt with in two ways:
  • By curtain meshing the rock faces.
  • By catch walling.
  • By curtain meshing the face, spalling rocks can be either held in place by pinning the mesh to the rock strata or by draping it over the face guiding the falling rocks harmlessly to the base of the escarpment.
  • The mesh facing normally has vertical and/or horizontal cabling secured to the mesh/rock to provide fixity and integrity to the jointing of the panels. It is normal to seek advice from specialist installation companies as to the design of this type of work. Additional anchoring of large unstable rock masses on the face may be required.
  • Catch walling rock fall protection is a freestanding gabion wall of sufficient mass to withstand impact of falling rocks. Location of the catch wall and height of the wall is important to ensure the trajectory of the falling rocks will be impacted on or behind the wall.
  • 50mm × 70mm
  • 60mm × 80mm
  • 80mm × 100mm
  • 100mm × 120mm
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